Mindmapping is a great way to visually organize ideas around central concepts and themes. They're easy to create, change and rearrange when you change your mind.

Use mindmaps to brainstorm ideas, take visual notes or figure out a thought experiment. Mindmaps help you break down complex ideas into basic topics that relate to one another in a hierarchy. Use and reuse as many topics across mindmaps as you like. Chop, change and rearrange mindmaps to shape your thinking.

  1. Sign in with your FREE account, create a new mindmap model (choose a template, or start with an empty model)
  2. Create the central topic in your model (give it a suitable name)
  3. Edit the mindmap diagram, add related topics, link relationships between them
  4. Personalize your mindmap's appearance with style, color and backgrounds
  5. Share your mindmap models with colleagues, coworkers and friends!

Mindmaps are like a neural network of ideas. Create them collaboratively in a workshop, develop your project or next business venture. Study for an important exam by breaking down the subject into bite-sized pieces. Share a link to your mindmap and get the best from your study group.

Mindmaps at the speed of thought

Use one of ModelFoundry's mindmap templates to get started. Customize it to suit with just a few clicks.

Start with a blank model and evolve your ideas with topics and links.

Add style and substance to your ideas

Customize your mindmaps with colors and style to suit your taste.

Color-code your topics and links to emphasize critical ideas and relationships.

Add descriptive text to your topics, show them on your mindmaps.

Collaborate with colleagues, instantly

Share a link to your mindmap with colleagues and friends, use social media and showcase your ideas.

Workshop your mindmaps anywhere, update it when you need to in real time.

Whether you're an entrepreneur capturing your next business idea, a student studying on the go, or a consultant developing new things for clients, ModelFoundry's mindmaps let you create and share your ideas quickly and easily. Give ModelFoundry a try!

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