Flowcharts are an easy way to describe a sequence of actions and decisions that run your small business. They're accurate, easy to create and simple to understand.

Use flowcharts to describe your key operations and educate new staff into your small business. Modernize your business with flowcharts that instruct your staff how to use new technologies. Collaborate precisely with suppliers, use flowcharts to quickly and accurately tailor new technology to your needs.

  1. Sign in with your FREE account, create a new flowchart model (choose a template, or start with an empty model)
  2. Create the first flowchart process in your model (give it a suitable name)
  3. Edit the flowchart diagram to add steps to your process, connect relationships between them
  4. Personalize your flowchart appearance with style, color and backgrounds
  5. Share your flowchart models with colleagues, coworkers and friends!

Flowcharts are like blueprints for your small business. Create them collaboratively with input from your clients, suppliers and workers. Share a link or print one to a poster and communicate valuable, relevant information to everyone in your business.

Start flowcharting in minutes

Use one of ModelFoundry's flowchart templates to get started. Customize it to suit with just a few clicks.

Start with a blank model and create detailed flowcharts with processes, actions and flows.

Add style to your flowcharts

Customize your flowcharts with colors and style to suit your taste.

Color-code your shapes and flows to emphasize critical decisions and actions.

Collaborate with colleagues, instantly

Share a link to your flowchart with colleagues and get their instant feedback without installing extra software.

Present your flowcharts in workshops everywhere, update it anywhere in real time.

Whether you're a manager with a team to train, or a web developer working with small business clients, ModelFoundry's flowcharts let you create and share processes accurately, easily and effectively. Give ModelFoundry a try!

Register for your FREE ModelFoundry beta account and create professional flowcharts today!