The OMG Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a special-purpose modeling language to describe business processes and interactions. BPMN models convey a lot of information, are easy to create and simple to understand.

Use BPMN models to design and analyze business processes involving people, systems and organizations. Share BPMN models between compatible systems to process or execute them automatically. Upskill your staff on BPMN quickly and easily to become a OMG-Certified Expert in Business Process Modeling (OCEB).

  1. Sign in with your FREE account, create a new BPMN model (choose a template, or start with an empty model)
  2. Create the first process diagram in your model (give it a suitable name)
  3. Add tasks, events and gateways to describe the steps in your process. Link these together with sequence flows
  4. Personalize your process appearance with style and color. Specify precise detail in attributes
  5. Share your BPMN models throughout the organization, share .bpmn files between compatible systems

BPMN models are like programs for your enterprise. Create them collaboratively in teams, manage corporate processes as part of a Continuous Improvement or Quality Management strategy. Publish BPMN models on the corporate intranet, load your BPMN models between compatible tools to enable automation.

Start modeling with BPMN in minutes

Use one of ModelFoundry's BPMN templates to get started. Customize it to suit with just a few clicks.

Start with a blank model and create Business Processes with tasks, events, gateways and flows.

Load existing .bpmn files from compatible tools.

Add character to your process

Customize your BPMN models with colors and style to suit your taste.

Color-code your shapes to emphasize specific tasks.

Use BPMN attributes to define precise properties or execution behavior.

Collaborate with colleagues, integrate with compatible systems

Share a link to your model with stakeholders and get their instant feedback without installing extra software.

Download your model to a .bpmn file to share models between compatible systems and tools.

Whether you're a certified BPMN expert, a trainer, or studying to become one; or whether you're a Quality Manager working towards compliance in your organization, ModelFoundry lets you create BPMN models accurately and easily. Give ModelFoundry a try!

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