About Us

ModelFoundry believes anyone can create great models.

About Us

ModelFoundry is an Australian startup that believes anyone can create an effective model that describes a system, details a process or conveys an idea.

Founded by practicing architect, Sam Mancarella in 2015, ModelFoundry was born from an understanding that developing and communicating models becomes challenging when the languages used to describe them aren't standardised, and when the tools used to create them are too cumbersome to use or prohibitively expensive to acquire.

To solve this problem, ModelFoundry went back to the drawing board and combined over twenty years' experience in modelling technologies with modern software development to release a powerful, easy to use modelling app for the iPad in 2015.

With active users in 88 countries worldwide, ModelFoundry is on track towards delivering new and exciting solutions in 2017 that make it the easiest way to create and share models with anyone, anywhere.

Launched October 10, 2015
Downloads 2500+ worldwide (iPad App)
88 out of 196 countries worldwide

Sam Mancarella
Founder and Managing Director

Software Developer and passionate Model-Driven Architect. I enjoy turning bright ideas into useful, meaningful software.